Following a Low Cholesterol Diet Plan

It is a fact that higher cholesterol levels lead to a range of diseases. The amount of cholesterol in the human body can be reduced by adopting various techniques.

If we notice the food patterns adopted by people now days, we can notice that people tend to consume more of the food which is high in LDL which is the bad cholesterol.

Sedentary lifestyle is a big no-no and people must inculcate regular exercise regime in their daily routines. Bad habits like smoking and drinking are main contributors to the increasing cholesterol levels. On a long term basis this paves the way for various heart diseases. In the USA heart diseases are considered the prime killers. People must be educated that reducing the amount of cholesterol levels can reduce risk of heart attacks.

The earlier one puts this into practice the better and there will be lesser probability of one suffering from heart disease.

A healthy lifestyle includes the following- a balanced diet consisting of all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber; drink sufficient amount of water and develop a regular exercise regime. This will help reduce the amount of cholesterol intake. A healthy and balanced diet is a must for anyone who is trying to reduce the cholesterol level in their body.

If one wants to develop a formula for a dietary plan which will help reduce the amount of cholesterol one must have a precise idea in mind of what one will be doing and must be mentally prepared. If one is mentally prepared and has a fair idea of what ones goals are and is deterministic about following the diet which is low in cholesterol, there is higher probability that one would adhere to it with more heart and soul for a longer period of it and not get weary of it.

Prior to jumping on to a strict diet regime to ensure lower cholesterol levels, one must look and do some research on what food types are recommended and which are not and why. The main thought process which goes behind one’s mind while starting a diet plan for educing the level of cholesterol is to reduce the consumption of fats(saturated), calories and cholesterol in the human body. This not only helps in the lowering of cholesterol levels but also plays a role in weight reduction. Extra bonus!

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As mentioned earlier the primary food items to be consumed to ensure this are fruits and vegetables.

These not only have vitamins, but are also high in fiber content. One can consider fiber to be synonymous to a sponge ball which absorbs all the cholesterol and helps dispose it or get rid of it from the human body. Fruits like pears, apples and oranges have high fiber content and when it comes to vegetables there is carrot. Oats are highly recommended too.

The Best Low Cholesterol Diet Plan

Having the perfect balanced diet is one of the keys to maintain ones cholesterol levels at the lower end. It is a time long proved fact that a person’s dietary habits that is what food one consumes on a daily basis has a profound impact on ones body cholesterol levels.
Another long proven fact is that cholesterol levels the risk of development of coronary heart diseases is directly proportional to each other. A person is more likely to suffer from heart disease at any stage in his life if his blood cholesterol levels are on the higher side of the spectrum. This is potentially very dangerous.

Taking medicines may reduce the level of cholesterol in ones body but the healthier option would be to definitely opt for a more cholesterol free diet. Consumption of products like soy products, eating green leafy vegetables and other special low cholesterol food products may prove to be an effective option. By sticking to a vegetarian diet, one can lower their cholesterol level by about one third within one month time is proven by studies.

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Including vegetable like red pepper and broccoli in your diet( a healthy portion mind you) is potentially one of the best diets one can follow for reducing the amount of cholesterol. Soy products such as soy sausages and soymilk, serving of oats , bran, cereal and whole wheat bread, aplenty of fresh fruits and certain nuts constitute an effective low cholesterol diet. The products mentioned above especially nuts, fiber rich products like barley and oats and soy protein can reduce cholesterol levels by seventy percent.

A diet low in cholesterol content makes it mandatory for one to reduce the intake of fatty substances by around twenty five to thirty percent and saturated fats by 70%. Consumption of non-hydrogenated which is unprocessed fats in comparison to the hydrogenated variety is considered to be one of the ideal diets for reducing the risk of coronary heart ailments. By increasing the intake of fish oil, fats(omega-3) from fish or sources from plants such as flaxseeds is the recommended forms of fat consumption while following a diet which is low in cholesterol. Apart from this, one’s intake of sodium should also be brought down to around 2400 milligrams per day.

One can plan ones day in the following way. The first meal of the day, the breakfast can consist of bran oat cereal with healthy nuts like almond or walnut, fruit salad, soymilk, whole wheat or oatmeal bread and jam. Te next meal of the day that is the lunch shall probably consist of bean soup along with bran bread, soy nuts and ending with a bowl of fruits. The dinner can consist of tofu, almonds, fruit and stir-fry vegetables. If one follows this regime with heart and soul not deviating from it a large difference of about twenty nine percent drop in cholesterol level in one month can be made.

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